Hair Washing 101: How To Properly Cleanse Your Scalp And Condition Your Hair.

'Washing your hair' is really a misnomer because the main purpose of shampooing is to cleanse your scalp rather than your hair. For a proper wash, the key focus should be on getting your scalp thoroughly clean, then simply letting the bubbles bathe the lengths of your hair during the final rinsing step to refresh your strands.

Washing your scalp and hair properly is an integral part of a healthy haircare routine, so we've compiled the essentials to help you wash the right way.


Invest in a mild, sulfate-free shampoo that won’t strip your scalp and hair. Sulfate-free formulas don’t foam as well and won’t leave you with that squeaky-clean feeling, but that’s a good thing! When you completely strip off your natural oil layer, it not only messes with your sebum cycle and compromises your natural protective barrier, it can disrupt your scalp’s microbiome – leading to dehydrated, itchy and flaky skin. 

Conditioners work by binding to the hair through electrostatic attratction, forming a protective film that makes hair feel soft and shiny. Depending on the formulation, conditioners can also include active ingredients that deliver moisture, add volume, protect colour, strengthen or repair damage. Choose a product designed for your hair texture and avoid silicone-laden formulas that can build-up on the cuticle layer.

Before you set foot in the shower, grab a natural bristle brush or wide-tooth comb and gently detangle your hair. Brushing your hair before you shampoo spreads sebum from root to tip, which protects your hair during washing and minimises friction damage caused by shampooing over knots.

The Right Way To Wash.

Step 1. Thoroughly wet your hair and scalp using warm (never hot) water.

Step 2. Apply 1-2 pumps of Botaniq Refresh Cleanser to your palms and spread the product evenly across your entire scalp.

Step 3. Gently scrub your scalp using your fingertips in a circular motion to activate foam, and loosen dirt and product build-up. Take your time and remember to scrub your hairline, crown and nape. Tip - You can re-wet your fingertips to help spread the cleanser further.

Step 4. Rinse your scalp really thoroughly using warm water.

Step 5. Repeat Step 3 (you will notice more foam this time), but before rinsing spread the foam from your scalp through your hair from roots to ends. The foam will remove any product build-up and dirt without stripping hair of its natural protective layer.

Step 6. Gently squeeze excess water from your hair. Scoop an almond size amount (use more if your hair is thick or long) of Botaniq Replenish Creme or Butter and spread the product across your palms. Apply to the mid-lengths and ends (never the roots) of your hair and detangle using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Leave for up to 5 minutes to allow the actives to penetrate and rinse thoroughly.

How often should you wash your hair?

The answer to the million-dollar question is… it depends. At least twice a week is optimum for scalp health but if you exercise regularly you might prefer or need to wash your hair more often. If you like to shampoo daily, using a gentle sulfate-free product will allow you to cleanse more frequently without stripping. Those with curly or kinky hair who co-wash should still use shampoo at least once a fortnight to properly cleanse the scalp.

Overwashing or under-washing aren’t great for your scalp or hair. Keeping your scalp clean and healthy is the most important factor to consider when choosing how often to wash.

Product Recommendations 

Botaniq Refresh Cleanser is a mild, sulfate-free shampoo that puts your scalp first. Regular shampoos focus on hair and neglect the scalp, where our natural microbiome-friendly formula lets your scalp calm down and return to its optimal healthy state while supporting your hair’s natural resilience. With active botanicals including:

  • Rosebay willowherb to reset the scalp’s microbiome by creating a healthy environment to nourish beneficial microbes and suppress the problematic ones. 
  • Wash-active amino acids to cleanse without stripping.
  • Botanical sugars to rehydrate dry strands and scalp.
  • Sunflower phospholipids to maintain skin barrier function and protect hair against damage.

Refresh Cleanser is complemented by two concentrated Replenish Conditioners, which, thanks to an innovative blend of plant lipids, restore hair to its healthiest state. Replenish Creme is formulated for straight to wavy hair types, while Replenish Butter supports curl formation and nourishes wavy to curly textured hair. Our Replenish formulations contain active botanicals including:

  • Olive squalane and organic jojoba combined with locally grown hemp and blackcurrant seed oils to replenish essential lipids, restoring softness and shine.
  • Wheat peptides that penetrate the hair fibres to repair and strengthen
  • Sunflower phospholipids to nourish and fortify the hair against damage.
  • Botanical sugars to rehydrate and protect hair from the inside out.
  • Antioxidant-rich grape seed extract sourced from Marlborough vineyards.
  • Mango and cupuaçu butters to enhance elasticity, nourish and define waves and curls.
  • Meadowfoam oil to add slip and seal in moisture for curly textures.

Keep in mind that when you make the switch to a scalp-care focussed shampoo like our Refresh Cleanser, there can be an adjustment period of around three weeks while your scalp and hair are restored to their healthiest natural state. With a little time, your scalp will rebalance, and your hair will reap the benefits.  

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