We’re just naturally curious.

Curious about science and nature. We use green chemistry to discover and create products that are both natural and grounded in science. We want to help change the way people think about the products they use on their hair and skin. For us, the future should be about 100% natural, synthetic free and environmentally sustainable products, so that’s exactly what we create.



We want to make haircare simple.

Our botanical actives do all the hard work for you because they replenish, strengthen and fortify hair while enhancing your natural texture.

We do everything we can to use organic and locally sourced ingredients to create products that deliver results without taking up time or exposing you to harsh chemicals. Speaking of which, everything we make is synthetic free, certified cruelty free and naturally handcrafted in New Zealand.



It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts.

We take care with our packaging to ensure we leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Amber glass is the perfect way to deliver your product because not only does it maintain your products potency but it can also be infinitely recycled. Our outer packaging is made from a blend of cotton and FSC certified virgin fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests. It is 100% biodegradable and can also be recycled. 


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Founder and Director.

Adelle Rodda began developing botaniq whilst simultaneously working in the country’s leading hair salons and earning her science degrees (BSc. Dip Form Chem). Her love of nature led her to explore how she could use green chemistry to create products that work for both the client and the planet.