We want to create a new benchmark for responsible haircare. Bringing together nature, science, style, and performance with responsibly sourced, active botanicals – an antidote to the greenwashing and misleading claims circulating the wider beauty industry.

We are entirely transparent — our products have no disclaimers. We are driven by an obligation to be kind to our environment, and to our bodies.

We are continually striving to improve on what we do. Here are just some of the responsible ways we do things:


We take the impact of the entire lifecycle of our products into account, from seed to shelf to recycling bin, and beyond. This helps us to select ingredients and packaging with the lowest ecological footprint, and the best social outcomes.


We preferentially source our ingredients from abundant crops that require low input and energy to grow and harvest. Many of our ingredients are organic or wild-harvested, and we opt for locally produced products (or as geographically close as possible), to minimise our carbon footprint.

We work with value-aligned suppliers who pay their workers fairly, and partner with local and Indigenous communities to harvest and process their native botanicals. Our ingredients are never tested on animals — we are PETA cruelty-free certified.

To replace traditional synthetic ingredients we use biotech and green chemistry derived alternatives. Green chemistry utilises eco-friendly processes and renewable resources to create innovative, greener and safer actives, and functional ingredients.

Our styling products are 100% naturally derived, while the Refresh + Replenish range is >98%. For stability and performance, these three products include nature-identical preservatives and a plant-based, semi-synthetic conditioning agent as there are currently no 100% bio-based options available. These ingredients are safe, non-toxic, Ecocert and COSMOS certified.


Botaniq is made in Aotearoa New Zealand. We make small batches regularly to ensure that no product is wasted and that your products are delivered fresh. We are powered by renewable energy and we use cold-process whenever possible to reduce our energy footprint. Each product has been independently lab tested and certified for safety and stability.


We use glass and aluminium packaging because it’s derived from renewable, natural raw materials, and it can be infinitely reused or recycled without losing quality. Our glass bottles and jars contain a minimum of 10% recycled glass (cullet) content. Our labels are made from sugarcane using a production process that captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our screw caps are made from recyclable PET or PP. We are waiting for an alternative solution to plastic to become available and will make the switch as soon as that happens. 


A circular economy eliminates the concept of waste, this means that materials flow around in a loop, continuously reused or repurposed, rather than being used once and discarded. 

Because every material is valuable, including plastic, we want to ensure every component of our packaging is kept in circulation. That’s where you come in. Help us to close the loop by returning your empties to your nearest botaniq stockist in Aotearoa New Zealand.

That way we can sterilise and reuse our glass and aluminium packaging, and ensure that plastic lids stay out of landfill. Read more about our Return to Sender initiative here.


Your orders are wrapped in a protective die-cut paper and are couriered in boxes made in Aotearoa New Zealand from >80% recycled cardboard. Our packaging tape is made from 100% recycled paper and printed using soy-based ink. 


We are committed to diversity and collaboration in our business, from our content creation - both in front of the camera and the team behind the scenes - through to our freelance creators and suppliers.

We have always made it a priority to choose botanical ingredients that have positive social impacts for growers and local communities. We purchase ingredients from suppliers that work in partnership with local communities to grow, harvest and process native botanicals. Like our organic Fair Trade Shea Butter that is harvested and processed by women co-operative groups, and has a supply chain that actively contributes to socio-economic development in West Africa. 

We donate 1% of our profits each year to social and environmental causes in Aotearoa New Zealand through the One Percent Collective.


We pride ourselves on being a transparent brand. On our website you will find full information about all of our ingredients, production, and packaging so you can make informed decisions about your hair care purchase. If you require any more info please get in touch: hello@botaniq.nz